Are XML Sitemaps A Google Ranking Factor?

Are XML Sitemaps A Google Ranking Factor?

Given that XML sitemaps are intended to assist Google, site owners may assume they play a role in search rankings. But is that true?

How to Fix Sitemap Issues in Rank Math?

If you’re facing any sitemap issues with Rank Math such as 404 page, blank sitemap, missing URLs and so, we’re here to help you. Learn how to fix sitemap issues here:

In this video tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to fix all the sitemap issues that you might come across in Rank Math.

0:00 – Introduction
0:17 – Google Search Console can’t fetch Sitemap
1:23 – Sitemap shows a blank or white page
4:15 – Incorrect number of links in sitemap pages
5:13 – No sitemap file/404 error
5:33 – Incompatibility with your web server
6:42 – ‘XML or Text declaration not at the start of entity’
7:36 – ‘Your file appears to be an HTML page’
8:06 – ‘Missing XML Tag’
8:31 – Sitemap URL is blocked by robots.txt

KB articles:
► Configure Sitemaps in Rank Math:
► Exclude sitemaps from caching:
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XML Sitemaps:

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How to Rank Higher in the Search Engines with Google XML Sitemaps

In this video I’m going to be demonstrating how to use the very popular WordPress plugin called Google XML sitemaps.

This plugin is extremely helpful because it will help you with your search engine optimization campaign. The way it does this is it automates the process creating a new Google XML sitemap whenever you add a post or page to your website.

This means that the search engines will be notified once your post is created and increase your chances of getting that post or page indexed quickly.

While there may be a lot of other options to choose from when it comes to creating Google XML sitemaps, this plugin has proven to be an effective solution with over 1 million installations on WordPress powered websites.

The Google XML sitemaps plugin has over 1411 five-star reviews and is actively maintained by the developer.

It is a standalone plugin that does one job and it does it well. It will help your SEO efforts within Google, Bing, Yahoo and
In this video I will show you how to properly install it and all the option that it comes with to help you dynamically create Google XML sitemaps.

This plugin is listed as one of the top rated WordPress plugins and I highly recommend it for all websites powered by WordPress.

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Which is better: an HTML site map or XML Sitemap?

Raj in India asks:

“HTML site map v/s XML Sitemap. Which one is yummy for Google search engine spider?”

XML Sitemaps for Google – How to Create XML Sitemap

Video lesson by #RankYa details what Extensible Markup Language XML is and best practices for submitting XML sitemaps for Google Search Engine Optimization SEO

How do you create XML Sitemaps? Easiest way to generate Extensible Markup Language sitemap is by using tools, software programs or online XML sitemap generators

Basically XML sitemaps has .xml file extension and contain set of URLs using Sitemap protocol with location and last modification date and time information. To learn more and see examples visit:

Google recommends to build and submit a sitemap using Google Search Console

Google search engine understands different Sitemap formats such as XML
RSS, mRSS, and Atom 1.0 and even Text.

Also SEO for Google has different guidelines for Video Images and for Google News

Video sitemaps and alternatives

Image sitemaps

Google News sitemaps

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