Tabbed Content: Is It A Google Ranking Factor?

Tabbed Content: Is It A Google Ranking Factor?

Tabbed content can help improve user journey, but how does Google crawl it? Is it a ranking factor?

Does Google “See” Tabbed & Accordion Content?

Does Google see (and count) content hidden on page load, like accordions and tabbed content? You may have heard different things regarding this, but we have the definitive answer to this common SEO question.

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Debunking a Myth: Google Indexes Hidden Tab Content

Debunking a Myth: Google Indexes Hidden Tab Content

I spent some hours yesterday trying to investigate for a client’s website that is being developed at the moment whether the minor efficacy of content “hidden” and shown with accordions & similar buttons for SEO was one of the many SEO myths or if there was some truth behind it.
I found the latest Google public answer (April 2020) to this question:

“In the mobile-first indexing world, will the hidden text, hidden content behind tabs and accordions still be devalued, for example, because there’s a lower chance that it will be seen by a user?”

Google’s John Mueller answered with an unambiguous NO.

Here’s Mueller straightforward answer:


Specifically, when it comes to content on mobile pages we do take into account anything that’s in the HTML.

So if there’s something there that might be visible to users at some point we will include that… so that’s completely normal.”

What John Mueller says makes sense in the context of if the code is there in the HTML, but simply hidden with CSS, Google can still see it. If you look at the code for a lot of these tabs and accordions, the content is right there.

You can watch the declaration in this video if you like.

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